6 Ways Medicinal Mushrooms May Enhance Your Athletic Performance

6 Ways Medicinal Mushrooms May Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Medicinal mushrooms don’t only support health concerns; they’re a powerful superfood for athletes too! Many of our customers are rock climbers, bikers, hikers, marathoners, and health-conscious people who use mushroom extracts to improve whole body function. Do you want to shave time off your mile, supercharge training sessions, and support overall athletic performance? Here are seven ways medicinal mushrooms like Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga may help you become the best athlete you can be.


  1. Increased Endurance

    No matter how “in shape” you are, we all huff and puff and get that Jell-O feeling in our limbs when we’re pushing our bodies to the limit. Thankfully, Chaga Mushroom extract supports endurance to help you go the distance and feel great. How does Chaga do this? This medicinal mushrooms supports oxygen flow from your lungs to your blood vessels to your muscles. So when you’re racing to beat an opponent or running up that final hill, your muscles may have the fuel they need to get you there.


  2. Shortened Recovery Time

    Do you feel weak for a long time after working out, climbing, or competing? Do your muscles feel sore and cramped for days post exercise? Then you’ll probably love Cordyceps and Chaga mushroom extracts. These potent mushrooms boost endurance and stamina and shorten recovery time. This comes in handy during triathlons or when you’re doing back-to-back or multi-day events.


  3. Elevated Stamina

    Research shows that Cordyceps and Chaga are two of the best medicinal mushrooms for supporting stamina. Because stamina helps maintain mental toughness and energy levels, it’s essential to helping you improve your athletic performance! These mushrooms will give you a testosterone boost, reduce inflammation, and keep your blood pressure and sugar levels stable so you can climb higher and achieve new personal bests. There’s nothing like crossing the finish line with enough energy left over for a victory lap!


  4. Decreases Fatigue

    You know that burn you feel when your muscles are working hard? That’s lactic acid. Studies have found Reishi and Cordyceps mushroom extracts can block this acid from building up in your muscles, so they don’t feel tired. Plus, from a whole body energy perspective, Cordyceps

    and Reishi help regulate your blood sugar, so your body can access the energy it needs while exercising or competing, too.


  5. Antioxidants

    You’ve probably heard of free radicals—elements that damage cells and reduce cellular turnover. Lucky for us, researchers have found that edible and medicinal mushrooms can help combat these free radicals that deplete your body of energy. Pair your mushroom extracts with water for a whole body cleanse before a big event. You might surprise yourself with how great your body feels.


  6. Cardiovascular Benefits

Your heart is one busy organ. Whenever you’re climbing, hiking, swimming, or exercising, it works on overdrive to pump oxygen to your entire body. Medicinal mushrooms like Cordyceps can help your entire cardiovascular system do this better. By delivering more fresh blood and oxygen to your muscles faster, you can reduce fatigue, maintain pace, and perform up to your standards.


Medicinal mushrooms are so versatile—ideal for anybody who wants to support sickness and promote a holistically healthy lifestyle. If you’re an athlete, give mushroom supplements a try to see if they help you up your game! Get in touch if you need advice finding the right products for your body!

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