How Medicinal Mushrooms Help Men With Sexual Health and Performance

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How Medicinal Mushrooms Help Men With Sexual Health and Performance

Men of all ages can benefits from medicinal mushrooms and mushrooms at your grocery store. From supporting your reproductive system and fertility to regulating testosterone levels and libido, these powerful fungi have a lot to offer! Learn how to promote better sexual health, performance, and hormone balance below.


  1. Sexual Performance

    Over half of men in America experience erectile dysfunction during their lives—40 percent at age 40 and 70 percent at age 70! Reasons behind this common condition vary. However, many men go through this unpleasant experience because their cardiovascular systems aren’t performing as well as they should be. Cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract has been shown to help support optimal cardiovascular health and may help with erectile dysfunction by encouraging better blood flow throughout your body. Instead of taking popular pharmaceuticals for ED that may have bad side effects, perhaps try medicinal mushrooms or culinary mushrooms like tremella to see how you feel.


  2. Virility

    Maintaining a healthy intimate relationship with one’s spouse is a top concern of many men. If you’d like to awaken your libido, medicinal mushrooms may help! According to research Cordyceps mushrooms have helped men improve their sex drives, overcome pain during sex, and help with climax.


  3. Fertility

    Research shows that just under 10 percent of men experience infertility, but 30 percent of infertile couples stem from an underlying issue with the man. If you and your partner are trying to grow your family, Cordyceps may help. This potent medicinal mushroom extract has long been used in Eastern medicine to support reproductive problems that cause infertility in both men and women.


  4. Testosterone

    As men age, your testosterone levels fluctuate. While testosterone is important for your virility, it’s vital for your overall health too! Medicinal mushrooms like Cordyceps and Chaga can help boost levels of testosterone in men to support optimal bone density, aid in fertility, maintain muscle mass, and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. You can also eat white button mushrooms for testosterone support.


  5. Stamina

Do you ever feel too tired for intimacy? You might need help with your stamina. Cordyceps and Chaga Mushroom extracts were shown to improve stamina in athletes and may help you too. That means more energy for the things and people you love. Who knew ingesting fungi could make you a fun-guy all-around?

Medicinal mushrooms never cease to amaze us with their diverse and powerful benefits. In addition to being great for men’s sexual health, medicinal mushrooms provide athletes, women, and all people in general with support. If you know someone who could benefit from these superfoods, share this article with them!

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