Why we believe in supporting local family owned buisnesses

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Why we believe in supporting local family owned buisnesses

Why WholeSun Wellness is Dedicated to Supporting Local Businesses—and Why You Should Be Too!

An important part of our business philosophy here at WholeSun Wellness is our belief that local merchants and small business owners are an important part of the economy.

To stay true to our mission, we choose to support local, socially-responsible stores and clinics to distribute our products. Here are the reasons we believe that buying local and supporting small businesses is good not only for your community, but also for your health and budget!

Local Businesses are Better for Your Health and the Environment

Many community businesses have a smaller environmental footprint than large corporations, because they source some of their products from nearby instead of relying solely on the national shipping network. In turn, when you buy from local places, less shipping is required for your product to reach you, even if you chose to order online. This cuts down on the use of fossil fuels and packing materials!

Buying local is also better for your health, especially when thinking about food. Locally-grown produce is proven to contain higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than food that’s been shipped. Local products like honey can have unique properties that can help keep your immune system strong and fight seasonal allergies and other ailments.

Local Businesses Can Provide a Higher-Quality Product

We think that specializing in one thing and doing it really, really well is a better business model than trying to sell everything under the sun and having no clue what process and quality standards are involved in the manufacturing of products.

Local businesses like WholeSun Wellness aren’t trying to be the best at everything, so we can direct all of our time and energy into making the most high-quality product possible. We will only ever sell medicinal mushroom extracts— that allows us to make a truly exceptional, potent product that you won’t find through online supplement stores. We think this theory holds true for all local craftsmen and retailers!

Local Businesses Boost Your Local Economy

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash, why not put it in the pockets of your neighbor instead of Amazon or Walmart? It’s important to support smaller shops and stores if we want a variety of options, otherwise, large retailers will be all that is left to choose from, controlling the market nationally and locally. The more you spend at neighborhood businesses the more money stays in your community, improving life for those around you and supplying local jobs.

Local Businesses Provide the Best Customer Service and Education

If you have a complaint or question for your local business owner, it’s nice to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with an expert. The local retailers and clinics that sell WholeSun Wellness Medicinal Mushroom Extracts have been trained to know exactly why our products are special and how they can be used to improve your health.

When it comes to what you’re putting in your body, you need to be informed and be able to get detailed answers to your questions. Local business owners have the time and experience to help. Large chains that sell a huge variety of supplements don’t have in-depth knowledge of each product, so they can’t possibly offer the best customer service.

Local Businesses Let You Get to Know the People Behind the Product

When you walk into your local business, you may see a few neighbors or even know the owners by name. You can chat with them about their family or hobbies, and have a gratifying social experience while you are shopping. Online stores and chains don’t offer this opportunity to get to know the person behind the products you buy.

At WholeSun Wellness, we thrive on these kinds of interactions and love to educate the public about the miraculous health benefits of medicinal mushroom extracts! We are pretty big dorks about it, really, and many local retailers feel the same about what they offer to their customers. If you want to learn more about our founder, Jme Bonfiglio, visit our About Page or Send Us a Message!

Our mission at WholeSun Wellness is not just to promote health through superfoods, but also boost the health of our communities and neighbors by advocating for local businesses. Help us achieve this goal by buying local whenever you can!

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