Not all medicinal mushrooms are created equal. 

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Our mushrooms are cultivated, sourced, and blended with the health of you and our environment in mind.

If you’re a medicinal mushroom believer, looking for a new source of quality extracts, or you’re just beginning your research into the life-changing healing properties of medicinal mushrooms, continue reading 10 reasons why ours are the best for you.


Grown Organically

We believe that you are what you eat—and you are what your food eats too. That’s why our mushrooms we source grow naturally on logs, trees, natural substrates, and organic matter—always free of chemicals, pesticides, and anything non-organic. It’s this pure process that allows our mushrooms to grow compounds that provide medicinal benefits, so you can improve your health.

Sourced From Top Growers

Wholesun Wellness works exclusively with industry-leading mushroom growers and researchers to provide the purest extracts. Every mushroom we use has been carefully cultivated over hundreds of years and chosen from winning strains that pack the best medicinal properties -- an art of eastern medicine perfected and practiced for millennia.

Never Fed Fillers

Nature has so graciously created an organism that can aid in cellular health, send digestive problems into remission, boost the immune system, help with weight loss, give you more energy, lower cholesterol, and so much more. While many other medicinal mushroom companies focus on the root system of the mushroom, we focus on the whole mushroom and fruiting bodies. We also stay clear of unnatural cultivating practices—always letting our mushrooms grow and feed on natural native substrates that help them absorb nutrients to mature into powerful healing agents.

Triple-Tested for Purity and Potency

Before extraction, prior to export from the farmer, and upon receipt in the U.S., our mushrooms are tested for any contamination—whether bacterial or chemical. During each test, the mushrooms and products are analyzed for proper levels of medicinal compounds to ensure they’re able to provide health benefits. The final test is even conducted by a third party that adheres to European testing standards—the highest and most rigorous in the world. It’s this high bar that ensures all of our customers get a product that’s safe and healing and scientifically verified for active micronutrient compounds.

Extracted for Maximum Medicinal Potency

Extraction is critical to collecting all of the incredible health benefits from mushrooms! It’s also what sets us apart from nearly every other medicinal mushroom provider. To start the extraction process, our mushrooms are hand-picked and dried in the sun or fresh air. Then, we cook our mushrooms for several hours in purified and filtered hot water. This is the most critical step in extraction because it’s during this process that every last micronutrient is extracted from the mushrooms. Once steeping is complete, our mushrooms are filtered to remove any solids, then put in a vacuum chamber to concentrate the medicinal compounds, and finally, that liquid is converted to powder to be sold and shipped to health-conscious individuals like you.

Custom In-House Blends

After battling Crohn's Colitis Disease for years, Wholesun Wellness founder, Jme Bonfiglio, set out to craft and create healing mushroom extracts. With your health in mind, she has expertly mixed our Deep Digestive, Deep Immune, Deep Brain Health (only available in stores) and Real Energy blends. If you’re looking for an extract that packs an immune system boost, gastrointestinal healing, and weight control properties, then you’ll love our custom mixes. All blends are under Patent-Pending.

Healthy, Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Why bother with strict quality control standards if you’re going to package mushroom extracts in plastic? Everything from our mushroom extracts down to our labels and packaging are Prop65 compliant—meaning they don’t contain any carcinogenic chemicals. Plus, the packaging is environmentally friendly, too.

Higher Quality Product at a Greater Value

We’re able to deliver more powerful mushroom extracts at a more affordable price—allowing more people to experience the revolutionary effects of these powerful fungi! And because our mushrooms don’t contain any additives or fillers, you only pay for medicinal superfood mushroom extracts—no empty fluff.

Industry Experience Plus Passionate Commitment

Our founder, Jme Bonfiglio, has been in the commercial medicinal mushroom and health industries for four years. However, she’s been engaged and passionate about homeopathic healing since childhood. After working for a major distributor of medicinal mushrooms, Jme discovered that people were purchasing mushrooms that didn’t contain many of the beneficial properties. Knowing how the right kind of mushrooms can heal—like her Crohn’s Colitis that was sent into remission after taking Chaga extract. Jme set off to found a company that sourced, properly extracted, and responsibility distributed mushroom extracts that carry all of the powerful properties, none of the fillers, all of the benefits—at a price that’s more affordable for everyone.

Local First Company

Wholesun Wellness sells online but is first and foremost a local retailer of medicinal mushroom extracts—selling across Utah at Dave’s Health and Nutrition, Good Earth, Redmond Heritage Farms, and  Shirlyn's Natural Foods, and many Utah medical clinics and many out of state clinics. We believe that buying locally cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, our individual carbon footprints, and benefits the earth. Plus, our “local-first” philosophy supports brick and mortar, mom-and-pop stores and community economies, so buying mushrooms from Wholesun Wellness can make you feel better inside and out!


If you haven’t experienced the benefits of medicinal mushroom extracts, we’d love to open your eyes to their transformative powers. If you have any other questions while shopping, please reach out. We’d love to tell you more, share our passion, and welcome you to a healthier way of life.

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