Frequently Asked Medicinal Mushroom Questions

Why are your mushrooms not available in capsules?
We believe mushrooms are a food and are meant to be consumed like one. Our powdered mushroom extracts are made from full spectrum mushroom caps, stems, spores and other components. This gives you the benefit of consuming a 'whole food', but in a convenient, extracted, and medicinal form. Avoiding the use of capsules enables us to exclude unnecessary ingredients - including the capsules themselves, which are generally hard for our bodies to digest. We don't need gelatin or cellulose for the capsule, and we don't fill our product with added fillers, binders, magnesium stearate, etc.

Are your mushrooms grown on brown rice?
No! Our top industry growers nurture each mushroom on their native log and give them plenty of natural sunlight, clean water, and fresh air. They’re certified organic through the USDA and ECOCERT, Germany’s highest organic standard.

Why do you call your mushroom extracts clinically potent?
Because we focus on whole-body wellness using what only nature intended, to start, our growers use strains of fungi that have been cultivated for centuries for their therapeutic properties. Rigorous testing shows that each bag offers 25% or more scientifically-verified beta-d glucans. Then, since our mushrooms grow on their native logs instead of a starchy substrate, each extract contains as little as 5% starch. They’re so clean and so potent that health practitioners in Utah already use our mushrooms with their patients.

What kind of testing do you perform?
We test our mushrooms during each phase in-house and with an accredited third party. Every batch receives a complete microbial testing for bacteria, yeast, mold, E. coli, coliforms, and heavy metals. Plus, we perform an organoleptic evaluation to ensure that our product is safe for consumption and test for pesticides above USP standards. We also scientifically-verify that each mushroom has the highest levels of safe and effective active compounds possible and we genetically confirm each species.

Why do you say your products have the best value when they aren’t the cheapest on the market?
We factor in two things to determine value: quality and price point. Because we commit to growing the best mushrooms and using the best extraction processes, we provide the best mushroom extracts on the market. Period. The price point of each mushroom reflects that quality, and we package our single mushroom extracts in 60-day supplies so that, when compared to other brands, customers receive a greater amount of a higher-quality extract at a competitive price.