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We focus on Health, happiness, and living life to it's fullest

Our medicinal mushroom extracts focus on whole-body wellness—using only what our planet naturally provides.

WholeSun Wellness is a family-owned and operated business committed to providing you with the purest and most potent medicinal mushroom supplements available. Why? Because we passionately believe that our mushrooms can help you heal!

How our mushrooms are grown

how are mushrooms grown

Unlike many other mushroom extracts on the market, our supplements are crafted as nature intended from whole, certified organic mushrooms—100 percent free from fillers, chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives.

While many companies grow mushrooms on things like grain, our mushrooms are harvested from deep within lush forests as they would be growing in the wild -- on natural, nutrient-rich native logs where they can thrive and reach their full therapeutic potential. 

Our unique extraction process

We extract medicinal components of the whole mushroom using near-boiling water, as well as 'tincturing' some of the more woody mushrooms, by soaking them in alcohol. This enables us to produce extracts that contain as little as 5% starch, providing potency and purity.

These two extraction methods can be used individually, to form a single extract, and are sometimes used together, to create what's known as a dual-extract.

shiitake mushroom extract

We use the best strains available

best strains of mushrooms

Every mushroom variety we use has been carefully cultivated over hundreds and thousands of years. Our mushrooms are winning strains, scientifically verified to contain the highest levels of the safe and highly-effective active compounds to improve your health.

We source all ingredients from industry leaders in order to sustainably harvest, European certified organic mushrooms.

Who medicinal mushrooms are for

Whether you’re struggling with immune issues, want to improve digestion, increase mental clarity, or give your body a powerful natural energy boost, you can with our mushroom superfoods.

Medicinal mushrooms are used for a variety of concerns and needs, and Wholesun Wellness is here to help you on your journey back to health and vitality!

are medicinal mushrooms safe

Learn more about Wholesun Wellness founder, Jme Bonfiglio, and her personal journey back to health using medicinal mushrooms.