Meet the Wholesun Wellness Team

Jm Bonfiglio

Jme Bonfiglio

Owner & Founder, Outdoor Enthusiast & Educator

I’m Jme Bonfiglio—founder of Wholesun Wellness and believer in the power of medicinal mushrooms. My journey to where I am today has been a long one; I started mixing healing balms and tinctures and working with Holistic medicine with my grandmother when I was 10. I started selling my products at the local farmer’s market in 1999. And in 2017, I founded Wholesun Wellness—after working in the medicinal mushroom industry for many years. While my passion and upbringing lead me toward founding Wholesun Wellness, it was my health that made me a true believer and advocate of pure, quality mushroom extracts. 

I spend most of my time with my family an playing in the outdoors. When I am not enjoying what our earth provides us. I am educating on mushrooms for our health and planet. Offering volunteer services for many organizations and donations. My mission is to educate, promote health, empower nutrition, develop solutions for environmental issues, and support local businesses. I also want to set new standards for living healthy and having access to good quality food and natural products at affordable prices. 

 Nick Petrovic

Nick Pertovic, CNC

Sales Director

Nick is a Certified Nutritional Consultant with the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board. Over the past 15 years, Nick has worked in the natural foods industry in different capacities from a Vitamins department Manager, Supplements Category Buyer, to a Health Care Industry Retail Consultant. Nick has a strong passion for science-based products that honor nature's gifts. Wholesun Wellness' commitment to quality, purity, transparency, and integrity aligned with Nick's personal and professional values. As Nick says, "Wholesun Wellness' highest-quality whole fruiting body mushroom extract has been an eye opener for me, after many years of working in the industry. From a single source direct farm organic grower, to true-kosher growing methods and the extraction process, and a final product with science verified therapeutic levels of all active compounds, Wholesun Wellness stands out in the category as a pioneer."

 Stacy Blaylock

Stacy Blaylock

Marketing Director, Administrator

Stacy brings to Wholesun Wellness five years sales experience in the natural wellness industry and nearly a decade in marketing strategy, brand development, and web design. To her, medicinal mushrooms represent a new frontier in food-based whole-body wellness and Wholesun Wellness is pushing the boundaries of that frontier with its products and business practices.