Wholesun Wellness Customer Return Policy

The following terms and conditions shall apply to any person or persons which purchase the

Seller’s Product at the Buyer’s Retail location (Customer).

Product(s) returned to the Buyer by the Buyer’s Customer may be submitted to the Seller for a

refund of the wholesale cost of the Product(s). The Seller shall not reimburse any other fees

incurred by the Buyer reference the return of the Product. The following conditions must be


 The Product was returned to the Buyer up to and including 30 days after the purchase

date of the Product by the Customer.

 The Customer’s name, date of purchase, date of return, and detailed explanation of why

the Product(s) is being returned are provided to the Seller.

 The Product must be returned to the Seller, regardless of total or partial use.

At the discretion of the Seller, multiple returns by the same Customer on similar Product(s) may

not qualify for reimbursement.

The Buyer, at their discretion, may request the refund be applied as follows:

-A credit, to be used at their discretion on any future invoice.

-A check by mail.

-Replacement of the returned Product(s) or a Product of equal value.

If no such request is made, the credit shall be applied to the next invoice.

The policy can be found in the Wholesun Wellness “Customer Return Policy” Addendum agreed upon in the Wholesale Terms and Agreement

(pg.9). Please reference the Agreement for definitions.